The benefits of union membership are real, and they don’t only touch members themselves, but their families and even future generations.

In general, the children of union members tend to progress further in education than their peers who have non-union parents, especially when the parents did not attend college themselves.

But look even further.  Workers who had at least one union-participating parent earned higher incomes than those with no union-participating parents. Children of parents who did not finish college but who did participate in a union had incomes 16 percent higher than the average income of children of nonunion, nondegree parents.

These children often had better health outcomes – reflecting the better access to health care and child care provided by union membership.

There is also evidence that, even for those whose parents did not belong to unions, children who simply lived in a community where union participation was high had higher incomes once they entered the workforce.

“In a society where economic and educational status in one generation is a clear indicator for the prospects of the next, the benefits of union membership can make a real difference into the future.”Executive Board Member, UWUA National